Double S customizes liquid feed products and services. As a family owned and operated business, we take tremendous pride in our product quality.

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Molasses Oils
R.M 62 Soy Oil
64-4 Corn Oil
65-5 Fish Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
66-3 Flaxseed Oil
68-5 Mineral Oil
70-4 Sunflower Oil
73-3 Canola Oil
73-5 Rice Bran Oil
79-5 Brix Premium Gold Label - Cherry-flavored Soy Oil
Other flavors available: apple, anise, caramel, coconut, etc.
Organic High Brix
Organic Blend 66

Packaging Options

Bulk, tote, barrel, 5-gallon pail, one-gallon (4/case)

Licktank/SupplementsDairy Products Feedlot
Pro-Energy 20-3TMR GoldCustom formulations are available in some areas - contact us to learn more.
Pro-Energy 18-3TMR Silver
Pro-Energy 16-3TMR Platinum
Calf Booster 1450/38
Emerald 33% 
Emerald 40% 

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Featured Products

TMR Dairy Liquid FeedTMR Dairy Liquid Feed Products

- Liquid Sugar for Modern Dairy Rations

Research shows that liquid molasses can:

Double S can help you select the most beneficial liquid feed product based on your ration ingredients. We also can custom formulate a product to include approved feed additives, such as Rumensin®, Rabon® or chelated minerals. Plus, we offer an equipment program that makes it easy to work with our liquid feed products. Contact us to find our more.

TMR Dairy Liquid Feed Products – Brochure

Emerald Feed SupplementEMERALD Liquid Feed Supplements

- The concept for today's successful livestock producer.

Versatility. Whether free-choice through lick tanks, top dressed onto grain or forages, added to a TMR, or included in a grind and mix ration, Emerald Liquid Feed Supplement:

During manufacturing, Double S mixes molasses, phosphoric acid and urea while hot, causing a chemical reaction, which slows down the release of urea in the rumen. This "slow-release" process makes Emerald Liquid Feed Supplement safe and effective.

EMERALD Liquid Feed Supplement – Brochure

Improve Intake of Poor Quality Forages

Pro Energy Liquid FeedsPro Energy Liquid Feeds

- A product line based on liquid feed syrup from the corn milling process.

Backed by a 20-year proven track record for consistency, value and quality, Pro Energy Liquid Feed products are based on liquid feed syrup from the corn milling process. Available at different protein levels, these standardized products include other ingredients, such as fat sources, vitamins and a proprietary enzyme package to feed cattle from 300 pounds to the brood cow herd.

Pro Energy Liquid Feeds – Brochure

READY MIX Feed Mill Products

- Fat-fortified molasses-based ingredient blends for further manufacturing of
livestock feeds.

Ready Mix Feed Mill Products are high-energy liquid feed ingredients that we sell to manufacturers who produce textured feeds. Ready Mix contains sweet cane molasses, special fat sources, preservatives, emulsifiers and surfactants. Available in several different formulas, ask your Double S Liquid Feed Services
representative to help determine the right product to fit your special needs and seasonal conditions.

READY MIX Feed Mill Products – Brochure