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Double S Molasses is Cane Molasses that is 100% Domestic. These high quality products are high energy and easy to handle. For bulk pricing please contact your Double S representative.

79.5 Brix Molasses

79.5 Brix Molasses- blackstrap molasses made from the finest domestic molasses straight from Florida. 73% dry matter and 42% sugar.


Handi-Pak- 68% solids 5% fat molasses blend made from the finest ingredients that include Florida molasses and vegetable oil. The perfect choice for on farm mills and hand mixing.

Power Pak

Power Pak - the optimum energy supplement with 20% fat from vegetable sources and rich cane molasses. Does not need to be heated or agitated. Can be used for any livestock in stress conditions or getting ready for the show ring.

Horse Pak

Horse Pak - a molasses blended specifically for Horses. Made from fresh Florida molasses, top quality ingredients and fortified for top performance. It is 8% protein from natural sources and 4% fat.

Redy Pak

Redy Pak - an economical and easy to use molasses blend. Flows in cold weather and can be used in a wide variety of equipment found in small mills and on the farm.

Rum Distillery Molasses

Certified sugar cane Rum Distillery Molasses with high sugar levels, no additives or preservatives and ultra-screen purity.

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